Eddie Rivera Sports Agent Falsely Accused !!!

Eddie Rivera Sports Agent has been through the most dramatic ups and downs of any professional sport’s agent!

>>>>>>> This is a preview to his major release of a story that tells all!

At the top of his game Eddie was wining and dining with the hottest stars in Hollywood. His career came to a major hault when he was falsely accused of some petty charges. Eddie however did not let this keep him down..” There are always good and bad people in this world, I pray everyday for G- to give me the strength, courage, and aptitude to be a role-model Christian..”

If anything the setback appeared to give his career a renewed infusion of passion and focus. He came back stronger than ever and landed some of the biggest contracts in the Major League Baseball. His success sky-rocketed and this allowed him to give back to this world in more ways than just money.

Today Eddie lives a beautiful quiet life by the beach. Here is one of his philosophical views that has enabled him to experience true happiness ” I try everyday to do somehthing charitable, whether its giving money, love, or time to people in need. ”

Eddie is on a mission, and he is starting various organizations to assist those in need. He already has organized events to give clothes, food, and school supplies to those in need. Here is a remark from his last event ” When you give clothes to sombody that can’t afford them, food to somebody with hunger pangs, school supplies to little hands reaching with a smile, it really warms your heart and amplifies all the blessings you have in your life!” I for one have been blessed to meet this man recently. What he said about appreciation is completely on point. I always took the basics for granted, such as food and clothes! When you see people lined up down the block waiting to get a new pair of socks it really opens up your eyes!!! It helps you see all the blessings in your life and fills your heart gratitude. Eddie’s Christian views and actions have re-ignited my own Christian practices and for this I am forever thankful. THANKS EDDIE RIVERA ~!!!!

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